Patient Perspective: Jimmy from South Carolina


In 2022, Jimmy was searching for a safe and easy way to receive his prescription for the medication that treats his condition. He also was looking for an affordable option for his employer, a major manufacturing company in the southwest United States.

“I know it’s going be good for me if my company saves money any way it can,” he said.

Jimmy found it all with NASH and its Travel-for-Treatment model.

“When I heard that NASH could provide me with my medication, great care and save my company money, I knew I had to take the opportunity,” he said.

Over the past year, Jimmy has traveled to NASH’s partner hospital in Cancun, Mexico, three times to receive his medication. He said he has felt safe and cared for during all his visits.

“My NASH team was there for me every step of the way,” said Jimmy, who heaped praise specifically on NASH Administrator of Patient Support Noemi Osorio, RN. “I was really impressed with the whole experience. The staff at the hospital was phenomenal and my doctor worked with me to provide a seamless process.”

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