Healthcare and medications in the U.S. are too expensive. NASH is your solution for both.

We’ve been tackling these issues for years and offer you the premier Travel-for-Treatment solution. Learn more.


Specialty Pharmacy

With NASH, life-changing medications are safe, certified and more affordable than in the U.S. We offer a growing number of medications for a wide variety of conditions.

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This is not Medical Tourism. Our Travel-for-Treatment approach is more professional and affordable than other options. Your health and life goals deserve the best.

Medical procedures and medication

Surgical Procedures

NASH provides unprecedented access to affordable hip and knee replacements, with more options to come.

Meet the Team

A U.S. Operated International Center of Excellence

NASH is a center of healthcare delivery excellence set inside Galenia Hospital in Cancun, Mexico, and Zambrano Hellion Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. In both locations, we deploy the highest standard U.S. clinical protocols. We staff our center with the most qualified and caring personnel for the best possible outcomes for you.