Noemi Osorio

Noemi Osorio, RN

Administrator of Patient Support

With an educational and professional background in nursing, Noemi Osorio leads the Patient Support Services team at NASH. Focused on quality, clinical safety, attention to detail, and personalized service, Ms. Osorio and her team of case managers strive to exceed each patient’s expectations. Before joining NASH, Ms. Osorio served as a licensed nurse at Galenia Hospital, assisting patients on a recovery floor who underwent treatment for a wide array of medical conditions and who came from a wide array of backgrounds, including international patients. Her responsibilities at Galenia also included translating educational material between Spanish and English for patients as well as the nursing staff.

Ms. Osorio earned a degree in nursing from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, during which she dedicated a year of social service at the Specialty Hospital for Women, Neonatology and Pediatrics as well as underwent practical training at the National Institute of Oncology and the Magdalena de las Salinas Hospital for Trauma and Orthopedics, among other institutions.