NASH selects OnQueue as its patient management platform


The Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH), in partnership with STACK, LLC, has announced it will utilize OnQueue as its patient management platform. This web-based platform will empower the NASH team to manage patients for its surgical and specialty pharmacy services in a streamlined manner, utilizing a task-based system. 

“Our unique care model required a solution that would help us manage the patient’s journey from intake through discharge,” said NASH CEO Michael Agostino, RPh. “OnQueue gives us the ability to expedite the review and approval of procedures, improve the management of our practices, streamline our operational tasks, and share data across our multiple facilities throughout North America.”

OnQueue, developed by STACK, is a web-based patient care platform with integrated workflow offerings, including automated bidirectional messaging, smart device utilization and real-time reporting. It has been shown to improve efficiencies in pharmacies, where OnQueue had been leveraged historically. With updated technology, OnQueue also now services new markets, including ambulatory infusion centers, surgery centers and dental practices.

“The ability to customize the patient experience, capture meaningful information about their experiences, and use that information to inform care moving forward is what OnQueue is all about – and now, we can show how technology can improve the patient care experience in another segment of the industry,” said STACK CEO and Founder Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP.

About NASH:

The Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) is committed to providing an exceptional level of quality, affordable healthcare through its unique Travel-for-Treatment model. With headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, NASH partners only with the most respected and certified healthcare providers in the United States and Mexico – all who share a commitment to help people live healthier, more sustainable lives. NASH currently partners with healthcare institutions in Cancun and Monterrey, Mexico, and offers a growing number of surgical procedures and specialty medications. Originally founded in 2016 as North America Specialty Hospital, NASH transitioned to its current name in 2023 to better reflect its expanding services and the breadth of its patient experience. For media inquiries, including access to a full lineup of Travel-for-Treatment healthcare experts, contact Jason Keese at or 402-515-4074.

About OnQueue:

OnQueue is a web-based workflow software platform for pharmacies, ambulatory infusion centers, and surgery centers, designed to drive the clinical and operational workflow within a healthcare organization. Advanced conditional logic drives task-based activities that ensure the correct questions are being asked and data being captured for each patient encounter, all while leveraging the latest technology to improve value-based care and patient outcomes. To learn more, visit