Harrell hits the ground running as VP of Business Development


Erin Harrell recently joined Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) as its new Vice President of Business Development and is wasting no time making her impact felt.

Harrell brings more than 20 years’ experience in medical sales, including more than a decade in the specialty medications realm. She has a deep understanding of healthcare delivery and its challenges, which is why she’s so excited to join NASH.

“It gives me a unique opportunity to help bring solutions to everyone along the healthcare delivery channel. I consider it a privilege to be able to speak daily about these services,” Harrell said. “With a 20-year-long sales career, it’s more important than ever to believe in what I do, and I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of NASH.”

NASH’s mission to provide safe and affordable Travel-for-Treatment options for specialty medications and surgical procedures has never been more vital. As Harrell notes, the number one issue in healthcare is a heightening financial crisis. While this may look different from the perspective of brokers, employers and patients, affordability is the core issue for all three groups. This is not a new issue, Harrell said, but the urgency to find solutions has intensified – which is where NASH comes in and why she’s so energized by her new role.

“My immediate goal is to help bring awareness to the viability of our Travel-for-Treatment model. High-quality healthcare doesn’t have to be expensive or local,” Harrell said. “This is an exhilarating time to be in specialty healthcare. The drug development pipeline is strong, novel agents are here and cures are on the horizon.”

NASH CEO Michael Agostino said Harrell will immediately help brokers, employers and patients tackle the issues they face in accessing safe, affordable healthcare.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Erin on our team,” Agostino said. “She brings a wealth of knowledge and there is no one better who can deliver strategic solutions to our customers.”

About NASH:

The Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) is committed to providing an exceptional level of quality, affordable and safe healthcare. With headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, NASH partners only with the most respected and certified healthcare providers in the United States and Mexico – all who share a commitment to help people live healthier, more sustainable lives. NASH currently partners with healthcare institutions in Cancun and Monterrey, Mexico, and offers a growing number of surgical procedures and specialty medications. Originally founded in 2016 as North America Specialty Hospital, NASH transitioned to its current name in 2023 to better reflect its expanding services and the breadth of its patient experience. For media inquiries, including access to a full lineup of Travel-for-Treatment healthcare experts, contact Jason Keese at jkeese@zaissco.com or 402-515-4074.