NASH breaks new ground with ‘Travel for Treatment’ healthcare model


More and more Americans are traveling outside the U.S. for healthcare. In fact, nearly 780,000 people were projected to leave the U.S. for treatments in 2022, according That’s nearing pre-pandemic levels. Americans also are traveling more to receive specialty medications, which treat complex conditions and are typically very expensive.

Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) has been helping patients travel abroad for healthcare for nearly a decade, with a proven track record of safety and affordability.

Now NASH has raised the bar again for what patients should expect from their experience. This is not “medical tourism,” a term that’s often used in both healthcare and media circles. This is “Travel for Treatment,” and it’s a unique approach that sets NASH apart, said its chief executive officer, Michael Agostino.

“We not only have years of experience offering these services safely and affordably, but we’ve also developed a controlled, seamless process that puts our patients at ease. They know exactly the level of care and commitment they’re receiving,” Agostino said.

In addition to total knee replacements and total hip replacements, NASH continues to add more safe and affordable surgical procedures every day. NASH also holds expertise in offering a safe, easy to use specialty medication program. This program is focused on managing complex conditions that are often treated by medications that are high in cost and require special handling.

“It’s not breaking news that there are too many barriers to U.S. healthcare right now,” Agostino said. “But what we’re offering is an approach that is truly new and unique. We’re confident in saying no one else right now shares our laser focus on safety and affordability for patients traveling across borders for their healthcare needs. It is not medical tourism with any of its negative connotations.”

NASH has earned the distinction of being a center of healthcare delivery excellence at its locations inside Galenia Hospital in Cancun, Mexico, and Zambrano Hellion Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. NASH continues to expand its number of locations, while always requiring that its partners share the same focus on safety and overall service excellence for patients.

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The Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) is committed to providing an exceptional level of quality, affordable healthcare. With headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, NASH partners only with the most respected and certified healthcare providers in the United States and Mexico – all who share a commitment to help people live healthier, more sustainable lives. NASH currently partners with healthcare institutions in Cancun and Monterrey, Mexico, and offers a growing number of surgical procedures and specialty medications. Originally founded in 2016 as North America Specialty Hospital, NASH transitioned to its current name in 2023 to better reflect its expanding services and the breadth of its patient experience. For media inquiries, including access to a full lineup of Travel-for-Treatment healthcare experts, contact Jason Keese at or 402-515-4074.