Journal of Healthcare Management article supports case for NASH’s Travel-for-Treatment model


A recent editorial in the Journal of Healthcare Management outlines the numerous opportunities and challenges related to what’s commonly referred to as “medical tourism.” NASH offers a unique alternative to medical tourism, Travel-for-Treatment, and its groundbreaking approach presents the same opportunities highlighted in the article, as well as numerous advantages for healthcare organizations seeking a new way to provide superior health outcomes safely and affordably.

In the article, “The Rising Tide of Medical Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges for Healthcare Organizations,” author Eric W. Ford points specifically to three opportunities in this “transformative trend:” global partnerships, revenue generation, and quality enhancement. NASH and its Travel-for-Treatment model fulfill the promise of all three. For example, in terms of global partnerships, NASH works with two hospitals in Mexico, in Cancun and Monterrey, that follow Joint Commission International (JCI) standards. The Cancun facility allows NASH’s surgical team to perform procedures in their facilities, the only such agreement with a U.S.-based company. In Monterrey, NASH partners with medical teams in Mexico to perform procedures. Due to this level of partnership, NASH assures its patients the continuity of care that leads to superior health outcomes. It’s also through NASH’s partnerships with these highly accredited facilities and the resulting high level of care that allows for the quality enhancement opportunity highlighted in the article.

In terms of challenges, Ford touches upon three, including quality control and continuity of care. Like the above-mentioned opportunities, NASH’s Travel-for-Treatment model addresses these challenges by providing only the highest level of patient care, in partnership with only the most respected and highly accredited hospitals in Cancun and Monterrey. In addition, NASH’s medical care is overseen by a U.S. Physician Advisory Committee, as well as a staff that includes a licensed medical doctor and pharmacist and registered nurses.

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