NASH chief medical officer brings unmatched healthcare, legal experience to role


Joseph AciernoDr. Joseph Acierno earned a medical degree and a law degree. He provided care to patients in an emergency department. He was legal counsel for a major specialty pharmaceutical company. And he served as the State of Nebraska’s chief medical officer.

Acierno believes his vast and varied experience prepared him perfectly for his current role as chief medical officer for NASH. He had worked previously with NASH CEO Michael Agostino in the pharmaceutical industry. When Agostino reached out to him about NASH, Acierno instantly recognized the groundbreaking potential of its Travel-for-Treatment model and its mission to provide patients superior healthcare outcomes at an affordable price.

“I had built a relationship with Mike and when he called and told me about NASH, I didn’t hesitate for one second,” Acierno said. “Our healthcare system is quite costly, as everyone knows. NASH offers an avenue for excellent medical care while bringing much-needed relief in terms of cost.”

Acierno earned his law degree while practicing emergency medicine, then practiced healthcare law in the private and public sectors, including for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Acierno eventually served as the state’s chief medical officer from 2013 to 2015.

“I never dreamt professionally I would find myself in that position, but the experience was invaluable for me,” he said. “I oversaw public health for the state, as well as the entire regulatory framework. I was able to collaborate locally and with my colleagues across the country.”

As NASH’s chief medical officer, he draws on his medical and legal expertise daily.

“One minute I think medicine, the other minute I think law. With my background, I know nothing different,” Acierno said. “It’s been an interesting ride, that’s for sure, and now I feel fortunate to be part of NASH and what we’re accomplishing.”