NASH champions affordability and quality amid FDA’s drug importation authorization


In response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) groundbreaking decision authorizing Florida’s drug importation program, Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH), a trailblazer in the travel-for-treatment industry, reaffirms its commitment to providing safe, high-quality, cost-effective specialty pharmacy solutions.

NASH has long recognized that drug importation is an important part of reshaping the healthcare landscape. Partnering with international pharmacies and working with brokers, self-insured employer groups, third-party administrators, and more, NASH helps groups manage skyrocketing drug costs while ensuring their members have access to needed medications through personal importation. NASH’s carefully selected international partners are distinguished by their commitment to patient-centered care and stringent quality standards.

“NASH applauds the FDA’s decision to authorize Florida’s Canadian drug importation program. It underscores what we already know — drug prices in the U.S. are too high,” said NASH CEO Michael Agostino. “This represents a transformative moment in the pharmaceutical landscape, and NASH isn’t just adapting to these changes, we’re setting the pace, ensuring patients receive the best in both quality and price.”

While shipments to Florida as a result of this authorization are pending, and likely to face many obstacles, NASH is actively lowering costs for partners and supplying patients with affordable, high-quality medications from abroad. To learn more, email or call 833-833-6204.


The Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) is a pioneer in global healthcare and pharmacy. Dedicated to delivering safe, affordable, and personalized care, we empower individuals and organizations to access high-quality, cost-effective travel-for-treatment solutions. Originally founded in 2016 as North American Specialty Hospital, NASH transitioned to its current name in 2023 to better reflect its expanding services and the breadth of its patient experience. This isn’t medical tourism. It’s a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery where the pursuit of cost savings aligns seamlessly with superior health outcomes.